About The Logo

On February 3, 1992, the Marcus Hook Borough Council approved the new logo for the Borough of Marcus Hook.  The challenge was to develop a new logo which would represent the overall character, culture and history of the Borough of Marcus Hook.  The diversity of the community, the location of the Borough on the Delaware River, historic resources, the recent economic and community development renaissance, and the Borough's motto "The Cornerstone of Pennsylvania," were all important elements to be graphically portrayed. 

All elements of the new Logo represent a unique characteristic of the Borough of Marcus Hook.  First, the overall diamond shape of the Logo was intentionally designed to represent the "quality" in the Borough. 

The Municipal Building facade was chosen as a unique landmark of the Borough, representing strength, longevity, and stability.  The people in front of the building represent the diverse community support and public/private partnerships which have contributed to the restored vitality of the community. 

Rising from the top of the Municipal Building is a graphic sunburst shining over the entire Logo showing the bright and promising future ahead.  Wrapping around the two sides of the building are two Sycamore trees.  These trees are native to the Borough, and represent the new growth, park development, attention to environment, and concern for overall beautification of the community. 

The stars and stripes below the Municipal Building reflect a patriotic dedication, and change from straight to "wavy" lines.  The "waves" represent the historical fact that "Marcus Hook remained the term for the waterfront settlement while Chichester became the designation for the hinterland."  The "waves" are also reminiscent of a flag - another patriotic reference.  The five stars which appear in the one stripe again reflect the "5 star" quality of life, and also represent the five Borough Memorials: one situated in the center of Robert T. Haebel Plaza at 10th and Plaza Streets, dedicated for all residents of the 4th Ward who served in World War II  and the Korean Conflict; the second located on the 8th and Market Street corner, a memorial erected by the citizens of Marcus Hook in honor of the brave heroes of World War 3; the third fronting on Market Street, next to the Recreation Hut, another World War II memorial in honor of the men and women of the Borough and their self sacrifice;  the fourth at Market and 3rd Streets, on the grass plot, dedicated to those in the First Ward who served to preserve four essential human freedoms during World War II and the Korean Conflict; and the fifth memorial at the Borough's riverfront park, a first of its kind in Delaware County, this Vietnam War monument stands as a lasting tribute to residents of Marcus Hook Borough who served in that war. 

The Borough of Marcus Hook has undergone tremendous growth and change over the past 100 years.  The next 100 years will continue to challenge the Borough's people and government.  Their commitment and dedication will lead them through the 1990's and into the 21st Century.

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