Containers shall consist of cans having no more than 30 gallon capacity.  Cans should be metal or plastic trash receptacles specifically designed for refuse collection, with close fitting covers, strong handles and solid bottoms.  When set out, tops shall be securely in place with no items protruding beyond the top of the can.  Waste packed in cans in such a way that it will not come out when the can is inverted will not be collected.

No container shall be loaded to a weight of more than 50 pounds. 

Waste that cannot be contained in the recommended fashion will not be collected by the regularly scheduled collections. 

Container Placement

No trash containers may be placed in the front yard, on the front porch or at the curb line of any property except on the day designated for collection, or for the period commencing at 6:00 PM on the day proceeding the day designated for trash collection. 

Whenever possible, trash containers when not placed at the curb for collection should be stored so that they are not visible from the street. 

On scheduled trash collection days all containers shall be placed in alleys in the rear of homes when such alleys are passable by trash vehicles or otherwise in front of homes at curbside: or for streets without curbs, no more than 3 feet off the edge of pavement. 

No refuse or containers are to be set out prior to 6:00 PM on the evening before collection days and shall be removed from the street by darkness on collection days. 

Special Items of Waste

Liquids, undrained garbage, bricks, toxic chemicals, pipe, rocks, gravel and lumber shall not be placed out for the regular collections.  Vehicle tires will not be picked up. 

Dead animals, human or animal feces, sanitary napkins, broken glass or sharp objects, fluorescent light tubes or television picture tubes shall be packaged in such a way that they pose no danger to health or safety during handling. 

Brush and sticks of less than 1" diameter should be cut to 4' lengths and tied when set out for pickup. 

Cardboard boxes, when set out, should be broken down and tied in a bundle. Hot ashes must be wet down and placed in an individual container, separate from regular waste.


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