Community Meeting for the Marcus Hook Mini-Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan

Community Meeting for the Marcus Hook Mini-Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan

1111 Market Street, Marcus Hook, PA 19061 at 6:30PM


The purpose of this study is to focus on municipal strategy with identification of items that fit into the Delaware County 2035 Open Space, Recreation and Greenway Plan Goals.  These include open space conservation, identification of important trail connections, park improvements and maintenance, with emphasis on green space conservation.  Major end products of this effort will be a written report with an executive summary. 


Borough Council selected the firm of Thomas Comitta Associate to prepare the plan.  Marcus Hook was awarded a maximum grant in the amount of $42,750 from the second round of the Delaware County Green Ways Municipal Grant program to cover the full cost of the plan.


The Mini-Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan is directed to municipalities in Delaware County with populations under 8,000 and an area of 1.5 square miles or less and not facing a significant increase in growth rate.  Generally speaking these are communities that have few municipal parks and no full-time recreation and park staff.  Marcus Hook Borough with a population 2,411 within a 1.1 square mile area is expecting the Plan to be tailored to meet the recreation, park and open space needs of the community.  The recommendations to be brought forward will cover some of the following areas: park lands and facilities, open space and natural resource conservation, a five-year capital improvement program, street tree planting and maintenance, projected park maintenance needs, operating funds and revenue sources for the parks, recreation, and open space budget, the municipality’s role in the provision of recreation programs and services, and a five-year action plan.


The project consultant is working with a Study Committee, selected by Borough Council, representing a diverse group of people to provide guidance and review of the work.  Key person interviews are also being conducted.  Two public meetings are planned.  The first Community Meeting has been scheduled for Monday, March 13, 6:30 PM, at the Borough Hall.   

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