Civil Service Commission

A three member commission all of whom shall be Borough residents.

Terms of Office: Six years. Each member of the Commission before discharging the duties of his office shall take the loyalty oath as is prescribed and required by law.

Meeting Time and Place:
All meetings shall be held at the call of the Chairperson or at the call of two members of the Commission. The Commission shall have the discretion to determine whether meetings shall be open to the public when not specifically regulated by law or the rules and regulations of the Commission. The Secretary of the Commission shall give each commissioner 24 hours’ notice of each and every meeting of the Commission.

Department Liaison:
Marcus Hook Police Department

Duties and Responsibilities:
Pennsylvania Borough Code, Article XI (j).

Established by:
Pennsylvania Borough Code, Article XI (j).  Code of the Borough of Marcus Hook, Chapter 10, adopted August 4, 1941.

For further information:
Chief of Police
10th & Green Streets, Marcus Hook, PA 19061

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