Principal James Adair and John Michulka Honored at February's Council Meeting

At the beginning of February's Borough Council Meeting, Mayor Gene Taylor presented Principal James J. Adair, Jr. with a plaque honoring him for his time served as Principal of Marcus Hook Elementary.  James will be retiring on February 9, 2018 after 9 years as Principal.  James has had a positive impact on many Children who attended Marcus Hook Elementary and we wish him nothing but the best in his retirement!

Mayor Taylor also presented Borough Resident John Michulka with a plaque, honoring him for his act of heroism and bravery on the morning of December 27, 2017.  John is a tow-truck driver and was traveling in the southbound lanes on I-95 when he saw a car crash.  John turned around and when he got to the vehicle he saw flames coming from around the gas tank.  John and two other individuals pulled the driver from the car and to the side of the road, and "Sixty seconds later, the car pretty much blew up" John said.  The Borough thanks John for his commendable service to another human being!

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