Marcus Hook Borough Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan

How to Use this Plan This Mini-PROS: Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan is intended to be a “users guide” to the park and recreation system of Marcus Hook Borough. This Plan identifi es the proposed enhancements to several existing and popular parks that have served the Borough for many years. This Plan also provides insights regarding proposed enhancements of park programs, as well as park system administration and management. This Plan should be used as the foundation for Federal, State, and County grant programs in order to apply for funding for Park expansion and needed park improvements/enhancements. This Plan should also be used as the foundation for a proposed Recreation Fee-in-Lieu program (as described in Appendix E.). Finally, this Plan should be used as a “public relations piece” in order to demonstrate the quality of life in Marcus Hook Borough. Given the extensive land holdings of the industries in the Borough (with Energy Transfer and Monroe Energy essentially “bookending” the residential neighborhoods) the park system of Marcus Hook Borough provides the most joyful spaces to celebrate the public realm of this cornerstone community at the gateway to Pennsylvania from the State Delaware. In this regard, Market Square Memorial Park (the largest park in the Borough along the Delaware River) is the crown jewel of the park system.


Purpose This Mini-PROS Plan is meant to provide a set of well studied ideas pertaining to parks, recreational facilities, open space, walkways and programs. This Plan is also meant to provide cost information on the funding needed to accomplish the vision for the improvements to the park system. This Plan is intended to provide a 10 to 20 year time horizon for park system enhancements. In 2033, the contents of this Plan should be reviewed and updated if necessary. Hopefully, by 2043, the Borough of Marcus Hook can obtain the necessary funding to implement the improvements depicted on the maps and plans in Appendix C.

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