Reporting Pollution In Our Streams

May 7, 2024

Reporting Pollution In Our Streams


In the last four months there have been several incidents on Marcus Hook Creek involving an oil sheen downstream to 10th Street/Post Road.  In 2023 there were several similar events.


Monroe Energy has been reporting these events to the National Response Center and has taken steps to respond and remediate the pollution where the creek flows adjacent to the refinery.  At this time the source of the pollution is unknown.  Various local, county, state and federal agencies have taken this matter seriously and are investigating further.


Citizens can help report violations or problems they notice in local streams.  If you have reason to believe there is a pollution issue in the streams, you should report it to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection by calling their 24 hr. number 1-800-541-2050.  In addition contact Marcus Hook Borough at 610-485-1341.


Thanks you for your cooperation.

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