All Roads Lead to Marcus Hook

MARCUS HOOK - The essence of small town America
“All Roads Lead To Marcus Hook”


On December 6, 2018 residents found on their doorsteps the new Marcus Hook welcome brochure full of beautiful pictures and information about the community. This publication was underwritten by the Marcus Hook Community Development Corporation in keeping with the organization’s mission to promote civic, social and economic improvements community-wide.


The cover of the six page brochure pictures various highway road signs directing motorists to Marcus Hook and is identified with the phrase “All Roads Lead To Marcus Hook”. Inside, many of the community’s assets are highlighted: its central location and excellent access, sports tradition and park facilities, local business and industry, and community improvement projects and services. Page 4 focuses on the municipal special events calendar and touts Marcus Hook as Delaware County’s waterfront town complete with Festivals, Folklore and Fun. The Borough has always been famously patriotic, with affection for American rituals. Page 5 identifies the war memorials located throughout the community.


In addition to Borough residents, the brochure was distributed to area businesses, government leaders at the local, county and state levels, realtors, development companies, and other groups and organizations.


This publication is meant to depict Marcus Hook as a community with vitality and a continuing sense of pride. Marcus Hook is a community where all phases of life - living, working, playing - coexist in an efficient and harmonious manner. There is also an abiding and dauntless spirit of engagement, involvement and possibility. The small town feel and more personalized sense of community prevails in Marcus Hook.


The brochure can be obtained at the Borough’s administrative offices in the Marcus Hook Municipal Building or at the Mary M. Campbell Marcus Hook Public Library.

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