Marcus Hook Borough Police Department Notification regarding "Orbeez Guns"

Over the past several weeks the Marcus Hook Borough Police Department has responded to numerous juvenile complaints. These complaints have resulted in the arrest of several juveniles as a result of their use and/or possession of B.B./Pellet guns and a toy known as an "Orbeez Gun". The "Orbeez Gun" is designed to propel colorful gel beads or projectiles. The "Orbeez Gun" utilizes a motorized mechanism to feed the projectiles and propel them out of the barrel. Although the "Orbeez Gun" is designed as a toy, recently individuals have been struck with the beads resulting in injury and criminal charges being filed, against the possessor of the "Orbeez Gun".


Please take notice that under Borough Code, Chapter 93, Article 1, Air Rifles 93-1 Use or sale prohibited; it states, "It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to use and/or sell any device known as "air rifles," B.B. guns or guns of any nature which expel, shoot, or project a bullet, pellet, shot or any article whatsoever by the use of air or otherwise within the limits of the Borough of Marcus Hook."


The Marcus Hook Borough Police Department is encouraging parents and guardians to educate and speak with their children about the dangers associated with these types of toy guns. It is possible an individual may mistake the toy gun as a realistic threat, endangering the safety of your children or others. Please note the Marcus Hook Borough Police Department will continue to investigate and enforce all state and local laws involving these types of incidents. The Marcus Hook Borough Police Department thanks you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.
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