Train Derailment on April 20, 2023

On Thursday April 20th 2023 at approximately 05:00AM, two Norfolk Southern Railway locomotives had derailed in Marcus Hook, PA near the Linwood Industrial Track interlock. At the time of the derailment, the Linwood Industrial Track was aligned to the Amtrak dead track. A safety device called a derailer performed its job by stopping the locomotives from proceeding further down the track by grounding the locomotives in a controlled manner.  Conrail, SEPTA, and Norfolk Southern crews were summoned to the derailment site. Amtrak Police reported there was no risk to the public, no hazmat situation was present, and no spill of any kind occurred. Rail cars were uncoupled, returned to the Stoney Creek Rail yard, and a crane was brought in to restore the locomotives to the rail track. Residents of Marcus Hook should be assured if there was ANY threat to the public, the borough and/or police would have provided necessary notifications.

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