Crash Responder Safety Week- Respect Our Roadside Heroes

November 14 - 18, 2022 is Crash Responder Safety Week.  The purpose is to get the word out and encourage drivers to Move Over and Slow Down to protect emergency responders (fire, law enforcement, EMS, tow, transportation, public works, etc.) working on our roadways.  This year's theme is Respect our Roadside Heroes.


Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have passed "Move Over" laws, which require motorists to move over or slow down to provide a safe distance for law enforcement officers or other responders on roadsides.  Yet, the majority of drivers still do not move over and slow down on the road.  We  encourage EVERY DRIVER to move over and slow down to protect and #RespectOurRoadsideHeroes by spreading awareness. 


When you see lights, vests or reflectors on the roadside- #MoveOverSlowDown. 

Emergency Responders work tirelessly to save lives at traffic incidents- #MoveOverSlowDown to save theirs. 


MOVE OVER and SLOW DOWN.  Its the Law!


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