Adelphia Gateway Pipeline Project

Work on the Adelphia Gateway Pipeline Project started recently in Lower Chichester Township.  You may have noticed the work underway along Ridge Road in Lower Chichester Township near Lawncroft Cemetery at the state line with Delaware. 


The Adelphia Gateway Pipeline Project will convert the remaining 50 miles of an existing 84-mile pipeline in southeastern Pennsylvania from oil to natural gas.  The northern 34 miles of the pipeline, from western Bucks County to Martins Creek terminal in Northampton County, was converted to deliver natural gas in 1996.


On the south side of Ridge Road you can observe the stockpiling of 16" pipe and some initial trenching activity.  There will be two laterals coming off the line end point: the Tilgham lateral which will terminate at PECOs substation in Chester (near the Commodore Barry Bridge), and the Parkway lateral running about 0.1 miles into Delaware where it connects with a DELMARVA metering station.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Questions 1:  Will any section of the main line or laterals traverse Marcus Hook Borough proper?


Answer:  No


Question 2:  What is the location of the existing main line and the termination points?


Answer:  The 84-mile main line runs from a location on Ridge Road in Lower Chichester Township in Pennsylvania just inside the PA/DE state line (across from Lawncroft Cemetery).  It proceeds along Ridge Road and then heads in a northwest direction just prior to Blueball Avenue.  The line continues through Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Bucks County and ends in Northampton County at the PP&L Martins Creek Steam Electric Station.


Question 3:  Two laterals are proposed.  Where will they be located?


Answer:  Both laterals will extend from the main lines end point on Ridge Road in Lower Chichester Township at the state line.


The Parkway lateral will cross the state line and run into Delaware for a distance of about 1/10th of a mile and connect with an existing DELMARVA metering station in Claymont, DE.


The Tilghman lateral will follow Ridge Road through Lower Chichester Township and Trainer Borough, turns 90° towards the river into the Monroe Refinery and then turns 90° and follows Rt. 291 in Chester and after a couple more turns ends up in Tilghman Street in Chester (just past the Commodore Barry Bridge) where it interconnects with PECO.


Question 4:  Will any of these laterals require new trenching and/or excavation?


Answer:  Yes.  The Parkway lateral will be installed by open trenching.  The Tilghman lateral will be installed primarily by HHD but will have some open trenching.


Question 5:  Will there be a compressor station constructed at the mainline terminus in Lower Chichester Township (at the PA/DE state line)?


Answer: Yes.  Adelphia will be installing a compressor station with three (3) compressors totaling 5,625 HP.


Question 6:  Will a new building be constructed to house the equipment?


Answer:  The compressors will be installed in a new sound attenuating enclosure.


Question 7: Who will benefit from the Adelphia Gateway project?


Answer: The project will support economic development in the Philadelphia metro area by providing access to much needed, affordable natural gas.  With this conversion, the pipeline will be used to ship natural gas to southeastern Pennsylvania for regional consumption.


Adelphia intends to have delivery interconnects with local distribution companies and other industrial end users, such as natural gas-powered electric generation facilities, in various locations along the pipeline route. Ensuring additional supply options for customers will lower overall costs for natural gas in the area and positively impact economic development in the region.

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