Stormwater Complaint Phone Numbers

Citizens can help report violations or problems they notice in their local streams before they cause more damage and pollution.  Residents sometimes may be the first to recognize “illicit” discharges being directed into storm sewers or flowing  out of storm sewer outfall pipes into streams.  “Dry weather flows”- flows from outfall pipes after a 72 hour or greater period without rain that appears to be polluted or contaminated - should be reported to Marcus Hook Borough during regular business hours, or to DEP during off hours, for further investigation. Click on the heading for a list of different organizations' phone numbers to call to report a water quality issue depending on the situation you encounter.  You may also complete the Stormwater Complaint Form by clicking on this heading.

New stormwater regulations from Pennsylvania’s DEP require that Marcus Hook Borough investigate more thoroughly potential illicit discharges (pollutants) into our streams.  Click below to see a description of water quality issues that should be reported, with phone numbers for the proper authorities to be contacted.

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