WalkWorks Project

Marcus Hook WalkWorks Project - Steps to a healthier you


In 2018 Marcus Hook Borough participated in the WalkWorks program, which is a statewide initiative aimed at getting more residents moving and promoting a healthier lifestyle.  The WalkWorks program is a joint collaboration between the Pennsylvania Department of Health and local partners. Marcus Hook established a walking route that passes by many important markers in town.  The walking route begins and ends at Market Square Memorial Park with a total distance coming in at 2 miles. The WalkWork program is designed at getting more

people out, walking, and promoting a healthier lifestyle through physical activity.  Signs were installed and route cards printed.



Fast facts about walking and fitness:


· Walking is a fun, easy, free and accessible way to increase physical activity!  Engaging in regular physical activity has many health benefits.  It can help:


- Control your weight;

- Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers;

- Strengthen your bones and muscles;

- Relieves stress and improve mental health and mood; and

- Increase your chances of living longer.

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